The Digital Binocular Station is designed to enhance the experience of historic places, museums, landscapes and exhibits.

The Digital Binocular Station is based on a traditional binocular station, but adds a layer of digital content between the user and their view of the real world. The user’s view of the world is augmented with digital content, so that as the binocular station is rotated, both the real world and the digital content move as one. Common names for this concept are “Augmented Reality” (AR) and “Mixed Reality”. Digital content that can be used includes video, still images, audio and text.

The Digital Binocular Station is most effective when the digital content has meaningful ties to an interesting real location. Getting the location right can create great revenue making opportunities.


Our Digital Binocular Station can generate revenue in various ways:

  • Increase ticket prices or pay-per-view.
  • Increase visitor numbers.
  • New experiences increase repeat local visitors.
  • Increase visitor retention time.

They offer a unique, memorable tourist experience, increasing the accessibility and relevance of your location.

Digital Binocular Stations are easy to use as they are based upon a well known tourist device. People are familiar and comfortable using them. They are not affected by weather or daylight hours and they are robust and automated, so require minimal maintenance and staff attendance.