Combining backgrounds in technology and education, our team creates truly unique experiences that offer new, simple and exciting ways of interacting with the world.
Introducing… ERIC WOODS Managing Director

Eric is the founder of MindSpace Solutions™. With a background in Human Interface Technology, Eric is
passionate about bringing learning to life with technology. This is a core value of MindSpace Solutions™.
Eric manages a team of developers and educational experts who constantly expand the boundaries of
augmented reality technology and learning.

If you want to talk shop, (with words 80% of the population won’t understand) Eric is your man!

Introducing… CHRIS BOYS Commercial Director

Chris has a background in developing customised technology solutions for clients to enhance
their businesses productivity. Having worked for global technology companies in the United Kingdom
Chris now enjoys the bespoke nature of MindSpace Solutions™ and it’s unique product offering.

If you want to talk about the commercial possibilities of the Digital Binocular Station for your organisation (in language you can understand) then Chris is always up for a yarn.

Introducing… ANDREW LAWSON Project Manager

Andrew specialises in delivering software solutions to help business differentiate from their competitors and enable more efficient internal processes. Andrew is passionate about the opportunities Augmented Reality can bring to organisations.

If you think MindSpace Solutions™ may be able to enhance your business, Andrew is the person to make it happen.